Proceedings of GLOW in Asia IX 2012
    Edited by Nobu Goto, Koichi Otaki, Atsushi Sato, and Kensuke Takita
The Main Session [Whole Book.pdf]
1. Anders Holmberg
The Syntax of Negative Questions and Their Answers
2. Mary Goodrich & William Snyder
Atelic Paths and the Compounding Parameter: Evidence from Acquisition
3. Uli Sauerland & Jonathan David Bobaljik
Syncretism Distribution Modeling: Accidental Homophony as a Random Event
4. Akira Watanabe
Uninterpretable Features and Agreement
5. Samuel Epstein, Hisatsugu Kitahara & T. Daniel Seely
Simplest Merge Generates Set Intersection: Implications for Complementizer 'Trace' Explanation
6. Richard Faure
Resolutive Predicates and the Syntactic and Semantic Selection of Questions
7. Haoze Li
Association between Focus Particles and Interrogative Wh-Phrases
8. Na Liu
The Syntactic Structures of the Chinese bei Passive and the English be-Passive
9. David J. Medeiros
A Cyclic Linearization Approach to Polynesian VP-Remnant Movement
10. Mythili Menon
The Apparent Lack of Adjectival Category in Malayalam and Other Related Languages
11. Troy G. Messick
Ellipsis and Reconstruction in tough Infinitives
12. Dan Michel & Grant Goodall
Finiteness and the Nature of Island Constraints
13. Chizuru Nakao, Masaya Yoshida & Ivan Ortega-Santos
On the Structure of Japanese 'Why'-Stripping
14. Chieu Nguyen
Fusion and Scattering in Particle Collisions: When Universal Quantification and Contrastive Focus Interact with Themselves and Each Other in Vietnamese
15. Yoshiki Ogawa & Fumikazu Niinuma
On the Syntactic Licensing of Locative Expressions in Japanese
16. Shin-Ichiro Sano
Patterns in the Avoidance of Marked Segmental Configurations in Japanese Loanword Phonology
17. Ana Paula Scher
Concatenative Affixation in Brazilian Portuguese Truncated Forms
18. Yanan Sheng & Fuyun Wu
Audience Design Affects Classifier Positioning in Chinese Relative Clauses
19. Yu Tanaka & Jun Yashima
Deliberate Markedness in Japanese Hypocoristics
The Poster Session [online only]
1. Hyunjung Ahn
L2 Acquisition of Case Particles in Korean: A Discrepancy in Syntactic Features and Morphological Features
2. Tomoe Arii
Children's Absolute Interpretation of Japanese Numeral Classifier Phrase Comparatives
3. Priyanka Biswas
Plurality in a Classifier Language: Two Types of Plurals in Bangla
4. Sihwei Chen
The Interaction of Modals and Temporal Marking in Mandarin Chinese
5. C.-T. Tim Chou & Sujeewa Hettiarachchi
Sinhala Case Marking, Modality, and A-Movement
6. Yurie Hara
On the Interaction Among Sentence Types, Bias, and Intonation: A Rating Study
7. Hajime Ikawa
What the Ineligibility of Wh-Phrases for Argument Ellipsis Tells us: On the Inertness of Phonetically Null Elements
8. Jungmin Kang
On the Unavailability of Successive-Cyclic Movement via Spec CP in Korean
9. Yukino Kobayashi
Anti-Licensing Theory of Unmarked Cases and ga/no Conversion
10. Hisashi Morita
How the Syntax Knows When to Apply Binding or Movement to Wh-Expressions
11. Terue Nakato-Miyashita
Number Agreement between Possesive Pronouns and Head Nouns: Agree or not?
12. Masashi Nomura & Yuka Makita
Defectiveness, Cliticization, and Long-Distance Reflexives in Icelandic
13. Syed Saurov
DP-Internal Focus and Topic in Bangla
14. Yoshiyuki Shibata
Obligatory Wide Scope as Anti-Reconstruction Effects
15. Ji Young Shim
The Role of Light Verbs in Word Order Variation: Evidence from Code-Switching
16. Koichi Tateishi
Heavily OCP-Based Inflectional Morphophonology of the So-Called i-Ochi (/i/-Drop) in Japanese
17. Chia-Fen Wu
The Experiential Perfect Marker bat in Taiwanese Southern Min
18. Mengxi Yuan & Yurie Hara
The Syntax and Semantics of Mandarin Assertion Modifiers dique and zhende
19. Likan Zhan, Stephen Crain & Peng Zhou
The Anticipatory Effects of Focus Operators: A Visual-World Paradigm Eye-Tracking Study of "only if" and "even if" Conditionals