The conference will be held at Sansui Hall, Mie University. [Campus Map]
Getting here
1. By Air
We would recommend getting a flight to Chubu Internationa Airport (Centrair), the closest international airport to Mie University. There are a couple of ways to get to Tsu City from Centrair (see below).
Chubu International Airport (Centrair)
2. By Water
The easiest and fastest way to get to Tsu City from Centrair is to take a high speed ferry. It takes about 40 minutes from Centrair to Tsu City. There are 16 round trips per day, leaving Centrair every hour from 7am to 10pm. A one-way ticket costs 2,400 yen. It takes about 10 minutes by bus or taxi from the marina to Tsu Station (where the hotels are located).
Tsu City Nagisamachi Marina

Bus Schedule (between Ferry Port and Tsu Station)
Fare (one way): 200 Yen (please have the exact change before you board the bus)
From Ferry Port (Nagisamachi)
to Tsu Station (Tsu Eki)
From Tsu Station (Tsu Eki)
to Ferry Port (Nagisamachi)
7:50 7:27
8:50 8:27
9:50 9:27
10:50 10:27
11:50 11:27
12:50 12:27
13:50 13:27
14:50 14:27
15:50 15:27
16:50 16:27
17:50 17:27
18:50 18:27
19:50 19:27
3. By Rail
From Centrair to Nagoya
You can use Nagoya Railroad (Meitetsu) from Centrair. The "Central Japan International Airport Station" is located on the 2nd floor of Access Plaza and connected to the Passenger Terminal Bldg. by the connection passage.
From Nagoya to Tsu
(1) The nearest station to Mie University is Edobashi Station (Kintetsu line). Mie University is about 15 minutes walk from Edobashi Station. It takes about 60 minutes from Nagoya Station to Edobashi Station by Kintetsu Express.
(2) The nearest station to the hotel area is Tsu Station. Mie University is about 10 minutes bus ride from Tsu Station. It takes about 50 minutes from Nagoya Station to Tsu Station by JR's "Kaisoku Mie", or by Kintetsu Limited Express.

Bus Schedule (between Tsu Station and University Hospital) --- For details, click here.
Fare (one way): 200 Yen (please have the exact change before you board the bus)
From Tsu Station (Tsu Eki)
to University Hospital (Daigaku Byoin)
Final Destination From University Hospital (Daigaku Byoin)
to Tsu Station (Tsu Eki)
Final Destination
8:30 University Hospital 10:48 Katada Danchi
8:58 University Hospital 11:18 Katada Danchi
9:19 University Hospital 11:48 Katada Danchi
9:26 University Hospital 12:18 Katada Danchi
9:56 University Hospital 12:31 Sanko nanki
10:26 University Hospital 12:48 Katada Danchi
10:56 University Hospital 13:18 Katada Danchi
11:26 University Hospital 13:48 Katada Danchi
11:49 University Hospital 14:18 Katada Danchi
11:56 University Hospital 14:48 Katada Danchi
12:26 University Hospital 15:11 Sanko nanki
12:56 University Hospital 15:18 Katada Danchi
13:26 University Hospital 15:48 Katada Danchi
13:56 University Hospital 16:18 Katada Danchi
14:26 University Hospital 16:48 Katada Danchi
14:56 University Hospital 17:11 Sanko Nanki
15:26 University Hospital 17:18 Katada Danchi
15:49 University Hospital
15:56 University Hospital
16:26 University Hospital
Red line: Walkway (Edobashi Station - University)
Blue line: Bus Route (Tsu Station - University)
Green line: Bus Route (Tsu Station - Ferry Port)

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