Online Proceedings of GLOW in Asia Workshop for Young Scholars 2011
    Edited by Koichi Otaki, Hajime Takeyasu, and Shin-ichi Tanigawa

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1. Andrei Antonenko and Jisung Sun
A Crosslinguistic Approach to Double Nominative and Biabsolutive Constructions: Evidence from Korean and Daghestanian
2. Durdica Zeljka Caruso
Nominal Phrases in Croatian as DPs
3. Yu-cheng Chang
On the Epenthetic Vowels in Mandarin Accented English
4. Hsu-Te Johnny Cheng
On the Non-Elidability of Phases
5. Abhijit Debnath
Processing of Ambiguous Control of PRO in Bangla
6. Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine
The Effect of ‘Only’ on Quantifier Scope: The Dake Blocking Effect
7. Kenshi Funakoshi
Cyclic Spell-Out and Ellipsis
8. Tomoko Haraguchi and Yuji Shuhama
On the Cartography of Modality in Japanese
9. Ryuichiro Hirata
PF Feature Checking Approach to Welsh P-stranding
10. Duk-Ho Jung
Wh-Determiner Sharing
11. Pei-Jung Kuo
A Case Study of Obligatory Object Fronting in Mandarin Chinese
12. Chi-Fung Lam
The Cantonese PLACE Classifiers min and dou in Spatial PPs
13. Haoze Li
Focus Intervention Effects are not Related to LF or Semantic Interpretation
14. Chi-Ming Louis Liu
Licensors for Parasitic Gaps in Mandarin Chinese
15. Mioko Miyama
Da and the Zero Form as the Two Contracted Forms of the Japanese Copula
16. Gurujegan Murugesan
Nanosyntax Approach to Tamil Path Expressions
17. Satoshi Nambu
Japanese Genitive Subject: A Comparison with Uyghur
18. Hiroki Narita
Head-detection, Phases, and the Complementarity of XP- v.s. Xo-movement
19. Koichi Otaki
Argument Ellipsis Arising from Non-fusional Case Morphology
20. Anne E. Peng
Head-final and Head-initial Relative Clauses in Jambi Teochew
21. Yuta Sakamoto
Toward the Reconsideration of the Cleft Analysis of Sluicing in Wh-in-situ Languages
22. Kensuke Takita
On (Pseudo-)Right Dislocation in Japanese
23. Hui-Chin Joyce Tsai
At the Left Periphery of the Mandarin Chinese Noun Phrases
24. Yusuke Yoda
Nominative Case without AGREE
25. Yusuke Yoda and Satoshi Nambu
A Cartographic Approach to Nominative/Genitive Conversion in Japanese
26. Mamoru Saito
Case Checking/Valuation in Japanese: Move, Agree or Merge?